About Verlingue - We focus on our customers’ satisfaction

About Verlingue

As an insurance broker with an exceptional service mentality, we advise you on all risk, insurance and pension issues. Place your trust in our 120 specialists in the regions Lucerne, Berne and Zurich. We focus on our customers’ satisfaction.

Our individual solutions cover the risks in your company in a comprehensible, efficient and clear manner which is tailored to your needs.

Imagining today. Protecting tomorrow.

Our strength lies in regional roots and proximity to our clients. We also serve the needs of international companies through our proven specialists in various fields, our global network and our expertise.
Our customers benefit from simple, understandable insurance solutions they can rely upon. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Facts and Figures

Branches: Lucerne, Zurich, Berne
Locations: Berne, Burgdorf, Kriens, Langenthal, Zofingen, Zurich
Managed premium volume: CHF 890 million
Employees: 115 ( 2022)
Companies served: 2,000
Turnover: CHF 30 million
Client groups: SMEs, industry, NPOs and public sector

Verlingue as a family business

Verlingue is an independent family-run insurance broker specialising in corporate risk coverage. With 1,200 employees, the insurance broker advises 3,200 companies with a premium volume of EUR 2.2 billion. The company is headquartered in Quimper, in France’s Brittany region. The company has 24 locations in France, the UK, Portugal and Switzerland and is part of the Adelaïde group.

Founding of Verlingue Ltd

The Swiss company Verlingue Ltd, headquartered in Kriens in the canton of Lucerne, was founded in 2021 as a result of the merger between the three “Mittlestand” companies Advantis Versicherungsberatung, S&P Insurance Group and MEEX Versicherungsbroker.

Board of Directors Verlingue Ltd

• Jacques Verlingue
• Gilles Bénéplanc
• Marco Buholzer (CH)
• Dr. Ulrich Fricker (CH)
• Markus Thumiger (CH)
• Benjamin Verlingue

Management Board Verlingue Ltd

• Marco Buholzer, CEO
• Jean-Marc Barth, General Manager Bern Branch
• Mario Lampert, General Manager Lucerne Branch a.i.
• Urs Schär, COO
• Sandro Wyss, CFO

Want to work for Verlingue?

We are a member of the industry network SIBA

SIBA (Swiss Insurance Broker Association) comprises the most important insurance brokers who are active in Switzerland and meet the requirements of the profession.

Partners and other networks


Verlingue maintains obligation-free cooperation agreements with all well-known insurance companies, health insurers and banks. This gives us the necessary room for manoeuvre to be able to respond to various situations and client needs in a targeted manner.

We treat our negotiating partners with respect as we would not be able to do what we do without them. Both parties are aware that, as impartial benefit assessors, insurance brokers and advisors, we are committed exclusively to our clients and that our clients’ interests are our first priority.