Good reasons for choosing Verlingue

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We are committed for you

Full client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So we combine sound specialist knowledge with a keen willingness to serve you and make the subject of insurance much simpler for you.

Making it simple

We communicate our service as simply as possible, logically and in a way that everyone can understand. In doing so, we take into account our clients’ specific needs. So that uncertainty becomes clarity.

Making it efficient

We strive to work pragmatically, rapidly and efficiently by being innovative. In doing so, we pay attention to cost efficiency and take the pressure off our clients through our knowledge and sound expertise. So that randomness becomes efficiency.

Making it clear

We are on the pulse of the insurance market and respond to trends and developments immediately. We provide our clients with an overview of threats and risks tailored to their needs and recommend appropriate solutions. So that the unknown becomes understanding.

Making it accessible

We nurture a cooperative partnership with our clients and communicate in a way that is appropriate for the person addressed. So that a standard process becomes client proximity and a personal solution.

Your added value


  • Personal support and advice in all risk, insurance and pension matters
  • Holistic advisory approach from risk management to insurance solutions
  • Proven specialists in various fields
  • Global network and expertise in supporting international clients
  • High quality awareness coupled with pragmatic and innovative solutions finding
  • Guaranteed independence, family-run company and focus on transparency

High client satisfaction and other benefits for you

Stay on the ball

  • Regular industry updates with specialist articles
  • Free and impartial advice on your pension
  • Use our networking opportunities

Benefit from our partner network

  • Know-how transfer with parent company Verlingue and Adelaïde Holding
  • Member SIBA: Swiss Insurance Brokers Association
  • International network with World Broker Network

“What sets us apart is our proximity to our clients. We make complex topics understandable and simple so that we can reach our clients’ goals efficiently and reliably.”


Marco Buholzer