Do you use ELM to make your electronic payroll declarations?

4 November 2021

It will soon be time to deal with the forms and requests required to declare your definitive total payroll for 2021. For many years now, you’’ve been able to submit your electronic declarations for insurance companies and other institutions directly via your payroll programme – provided you use a Swissdec-certified payroll programme. This considerably cuts down on administration and the “form frenzy”.


Using a Swissdec-certified payroll programme will ensure the software’s professional and technical requirements are met. Check here to see whether your payroll programme has the necessary certifica-tion:


The following institutions and insurers can receive XML data via your payroll programme:


  • Compensation funds/family compensation funds
  • Federal Statistical Office (FSO)
  • Tax office
    • Payroll statements: all cantons with compulsory wage reporting (BE, BS, FR, JU, LU, NE, SO, VD and VS)
    • Withholding tax: all cantons
  • Suva (UVG)
  • ELM-supporting insurers (UVG, UVG supplement, daily sickness allowance and occupational benefits).
    Check the recipient list:


How does electronic transmission work?


You decide when and who you want to transmit your data to, and also what content you want to dis-close, i.e. you yourself approve the data. Before giving this approval, you can make corrections or send the payroll data to your trustee and to us as your advisor for plausibility checks.


Only after you grant your explicit approval will the data be sent in encrypted form via a distributor to the insurance companies and institutions. All recipients will process the payroll data based on a legal or contractual mandate. All recipients will receive only the data that is intended for them.




You must maintain and keep up-to-date the basic data for recipients (institutions and insurance com-panies), wages and employees in payroll accounting. If you have not yet configured the settings, we recommend that you do so before the first payroll run in the new year so that you can plan the elec-tronic transmission for the next year.


So recipients can be kept updated with information, they need to set up an ELM profile or insurance profile. Most of them send this profile directly with the request for a declaration. If you do not have this, we will be happy to request it for you.


Here is a short guide from the Swissdec association:


Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you make the decla-rations efficiently and electronically, which can significantly ease your workload. It is certainly worth looking into this if you do not yet transmit via ELM.



Jasmine Sandra Forster
Leiterin Niederlassung Zürich / Leiterin Personenversicherungen / Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung