Cyber risk management

Keeping the risk of cybercrime under control

New communication channels and digital business processes have been part and parcel of business life for some time now. IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, reports of incidents such as hacker attacks and data theft are also increasing. Cybercrime has become a huge business. Around 80% of all cyber attacks target SMEs.

30 %
more cyber attacks on Swiss companies in 2023
is the most frequently used password in the world
of all SMEs in Switzerland have already been the victim of a cyber attack
52 %
of all companies in Switzerland work on insecure servers

Verlingue’s solution

Identifying risks

The consequences of cyberattacks can be devastating: the company may be paralysed for days – to the detriment of suppliers, clients and partners. Contractually guaranteed services and goods cannot be delivered and non-performance penalties can be imposed. If confidential data get into the public domain or a hacker accesses payment information, this can quickly become very costly or result in reputational damage.

Safeguarding the consequences

Verlingue, together with a leading insurer and two companies specialising in cybersecurity, offers holistic cyber risk management advice. The aim of this advice is to identify risks, determine suitable measures, train employees (awareness training) and transfer the risk to a customised and exclusive insurance solution. Our clients benefit from a unique product and attractive conditions on the market.


Your added value
  • Holistic consulting approach from risk management to insurance solutions
  • Targeted dialogue to detect and identify risks and their effects
  • Structured analysis of IT systems and processes by security experts
  • Comprehensive report from the IT security assessment as a basis for any risk transfer measures
  • Additional services such as employee training and business continuity discussions
  • Attractive insurance solutions and a product for SMEs that is unique on the market


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