Sustainability at Verlingue: Our responsibility and vision for the future.

Explore our ESG strategy, based on environmental, social and governance criteria, and discover how we are actively making a positive contribution.

The four pillars of our ESG strategy

These pillars are the foundation of our ethical responsibility. For us, sustainability is much more than a trend – it is an integral part of our business and culture.

Our current commitments

  • Three electric pool cars
  • New printer concept to promote paperless office
  • Half-price travel card (Halbtax) for all employees
    Various energy saving measures
  • Water saver giveaways
  • Measurement of CO2 balance
  • Sponsorship of non-profit organisations
  • Support for reforestation
  • Modern working time models for employees

As a family business, we are focused on the future. We are committed to sustainable business practices that follow ESG principles. We aim to have a positive impact on our ecosystem while creating long-term value for future generations.