Cost reduction for vehicle repairs leads to better premium conditions in the long term

18 June 2024

Organising vehicle repairs through your car insurance pays off: In addition to cost savings, the result can be lower insurance premiums in the long term.

Vehicle damage is unavoidable, but can be reduced by careful driving. As well as collisions, other external factors can cause damage, such as stone chips in the windscreen, hail or damage caused by strangers.

Repair costs should not be underestimated, even for supposedly minor dents. In the medium term, these repair costs have an impact on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies are therefore setting up a network of partner garages with attractive conditions.

There is considerable potential for savings in many types of claims:

  • Hail damage: Thanks to improved dent removal technology, an average of around CHF 1,000 can be saved per affected vehicle.
  • Glass damage: Some damage can be repaired without replacing the entire windscreen, reducing costs by up to 70%.
  • General collision damage: Costs can be reduced by up to 50% by making more repairs rather than replacing components completely.

It is therefore worth organising the repair through the car insurance company rather than choosing the garage yourself, provided there are no contractual obligations. This can be done quickly and easily via the insurance company’s hotline. In the future, more and more car insurance products are expected to come onto the market that include a bonus or penalty system for the choice of repairer, for example by adjusting the excess.

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