Public sector

Public establishments: an offer tailored to your purchasing procedures

Your insurance requirements and purchasing procedures are specific to your company. Our team, which specialises in public tender calls, facilitates your search process and draws up, for you, the insurance plans best suited to your general interest mission.

Public institutions – whether a public administrative institution (EPA in French) or an industrial or commercial public institution (Epic in French) – operate in a wide variety of domains including education, health, culture and transport. The risks entailed in the day-to-day conduct of your operations may have an impact on your employees, visitors to your establishment, your building and even the immediate vicinity. Verlingue provides the guidance and support that will enable you to take out the best insurance contracts and insure your public establishment against all human, material or financial risks.

Verlingue accompanies you

From the diagnosis of your vulnerabilities to a tailored prevention plan

There are numerous risks involved in fulfilling your mission, such as fire or natural disaster, the health risk, a media crisis, harm to the environment or to an employee’s health, an accident involving a visitor, a supplier default or cyber attacks. It is very important for you to be well informed of these risks so that you can calmly address the potential consequences. Our experts work with you to diagnose your vulnerabilities, then draw up a tailored prevention plan to cover all of your risks. Because we are specialised in risk management and prevention engineering, we help you make the best decisions.

Negotiating the best insurance contracts for you to cover all of your risks

At Verlingue, we construct the best insurance protection for you by negotiating with our insurance partners to obtain the programme best suited to cover your assets. This includes protecting your property and your business, specific operating losses, specific lost business, machine breakdowns, administrative closure, destruction of contaminated equipment, etc.), your responsibilities (civil liability, directors’ liability, etc.) and your vehicle fleet. Verlingue is a forerunner in its management of cyber risk. It also provides guidance and support for protecting your computer system, so that no weaknesses are overlooked.

By your side, at every key stage

Once your programme is in place, our advisors remain at your side to support you with its overall running and management. And to facilitate day-to-day oversight, Verlingue makes a wide range of digital tools available for your use. In the event of damage, a complaint or a loss, we are at your side to manage the entire case with you, including both emergency steps and long-term action. At Verlingue, nearly a third of our customer advisors are assigned to managing claims, from the initial information gathering through to their compensation. You never have to handle an unexpected situation on your own. We are by your side till the end.

A tailored solution for public procurement/public procurement officers

To choose their insurance programme, public institutions are required to issue a call for tenders and initiate a competitive bidding process among several insurance companies. At Verlingue, we are very familiar with this environment. Our dedicated team that handles insurance for public establishments is thoroughly conversant with all of the specific features of public procurement procedures: amended procedure contracts (MAPAs), formalised procedures, negotiated procedure without announcement nor competitive bidding, procedure for use in exceptional circumstances, etc.

Because your procedures are specific, the insurance offers that we negotiate for you abide by the administrative framework of your tender calls. This facilitates the management of your procurement policy.

Did you know?

Up until 31 December 2022 included, the threshold below which the procedure for announcing and organising competitive bidding for public works contracts is not mandatory has been raised from €90,000 to €100,000.


Meet our expert

Guillaume Lateyron

Director of the Construction Branch