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Real-estate professionals: opt for à la carte coverage

If you work in the real-estate sector, Verlingue provides specific insurance solutions for both your business and your customers. Our cross-cutting “B to B to C” approach provides you with real peace of mind in terms of insurance and enhances your image with your customers.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a co-ownership manager, a property manager or a developer, your profession is going through a period of major changes. New laws (French ALUR (access to accommodation/urban renovation) Act, Climate and Resilience Act), the rising prices of materials, energy transition, digitalisation…the list goes on! All these factors mark a turning point for the sector and are creating new customer expectations, as well as new insurance needs.

With 40,000 million square metres of surface area and 100,000 managed properties insured throughout France, our experts work alongside you to provide a cost-effective, tailor-made service. With Verlingue, your activity is covered and you have a range of insurance solutions adapted to your different customers’ needs. We have a B-to-B-to-C strategy that enables you to optimise your time and focus on developing your own business.

40 millions
square metres of surface area covered by our multi-risk building insurance, i.e. more than 10,000 buildings.
More than
properties insured against unpaid rent; 50,000 homes insured with non-occupying-owner policies and more than 2,000 customers.
of recurrent customers (with Verlingue for at least 10 years).
More than
experts in the specialist team.
increase in real estate sales in 2021 in France (rolling quarterly rate).
Rolling quaterly rate – SeLoger 2021 barometer
more real estate agencies in the space of five years (INSEE, 2021), i.e. 200,000 jobs (employees and sales agents)… representing more companies and people to be insured.

Verlingue accompanies you

Simplify your day-to-day life as a manager of co-owned properties

At Verlingue, we insure more than 10,000 buildings: our specialists understand the risks you face and know how to manage them. Drawing on our extensive expertise, our job is to provide you with a tailor-made solution, which is totally adapted to your activity: multi-risk building insurance, civil liability, aggravated risks, legal protection of the co-ownership council, damage linked to works, guarantees for unpaid charges, non-occupying owner insurance, cyber risks, etc.

Cover and protect against risks as property administrators

You manage and administer housing on behalf of your mandates. As the leading broker for professional liability insurance in France, we provide you with hands-on advice, and negotiate and manage insurance solutions adapted to the requirements of all your activities: Guarantee against unpaid rent, Certified accreditation (Ciblé®), Non-occupying owner insurance, Legal protection for landlords, Financing of tenant’s bond deposit, Multi-risk home insurance for tenants, Resale guarantee in the event of an emergency sale, Coverage against hidden defects for two years after the purchase of the property. You can propose all these solutions to your customers to ensure their peace of mind and improve your rental management service offer.

The reassurance of having full coverage as an independent sales agent or real estate agent:

Your job involves risks, and like all professionals that handle real estate transactions and/or property management services, you are required to take out Professional Civil Liability insurance (as set out in the Hoguet Act of 2 January 1970 in France). At Verlingue, our experts enable you to fully comply with this legal requirement. Moreover, we select, negotiate and put in place the insurance policy that is best suited to your activity. As such, you benefit from long-term coverage that protects you against any negative consequences in the event of a claim, such as a challenge brought by a seller or a buyer during a transaction, or due to financial malpractice.

Optimised coverage, adapted to the legislative requirements for real-estate developers

Your profession has become “greener”, but also riskier. There are numerous procedures that must be fulfilled in the construction sector or when conducting energy-efficiency renovations, and these can sometimes be very long and drawn out. Legal requirements, risks incurred by the company, the company director or the employees, compulsory or optional insurances, etc. Our experts help you understand the ins and outs. We work with you to map out your risks, assets and liabilities and determine which insurance solution best meets your legal requirements, your needs and the nature of your work sites. Everyone has their trade.

Digital tools

Manage all your contracts online

Thanks to its expertise, Verlingue has kept pace with innovative and developed solutions to simplify all your procedures and make it easier to manage your contracts. Discover our user-friendly, simple and easy-to-access interactive platforms developed by our Digital Factory.


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