Trade and distribution

Full cover for trade and distribution operations to insure all of your risks in France and abroad

If you are a distributor or trader in the mass market retailing, clothing, automotive equipment, gardening or home supplies sectors, whatever your speciality, you have to contend with a growing body of constraints that amplify the risks incurred in your business sector. Verlingue has been an expert in the challenges facing the trade and distribution sector for 30 years, and is by your side to ensure all of your risks, in France and abroad.

In your business sector, there are numerous pressures on your development, including the availability of raw materials, tensions on your supply chains and your entire logistics chain, rising energy costs and tighter legislative requirements, particularly with regard to public buildings. Verlingue, as a specialist in risk analysis, prevention and risk management, makes its expertise in these areas available to you to effectively cover the risks to which you are exposed. Our advisers are by your side to set up the insurance programme best suited to your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Analyse your situation and set up a tailored risk-management programme

We bring you a risk-analysis method that provides an overview of your scope of business, even if you have a large number of sites. This initiative is tailored to your requirements and grounded on a thorough analysis of your situation and claims record, based on detailed figures.

This approach to risk management, by being objective, constructive and adaptable, yields a structured action plan with solutions that strike a balance between prevention, technicity and your budget.

Verlingue accompanies you

Cover your risks all along your value-production chain

Product quality and reliable delivery lead times are decisive for the success of your business as trade and distribution professionals. Whatever your means of supply or the volume and origin of your imports (whether outside the EU or not), we are by your side on issues of contractual prevention, cover for your automobile fleet, including your vehicle-rental business, withdrawals of contaminated products and support for your product-recall plan, new forms of mobility, etc. For each of your needs, we negotiate the best cover for you. Defending your interests is our priority, in France and on the international market. As a specialist in engineering complaints processes and assisting with compensation, we are also by your side until any issues or disputes have been completely resolved.

Introduce top-up employee benefits and prevention for your employees

The health and safety of your employees and their families are a priority for you. Our teams provide guidance and advice on setting up a programme of health and safety insurance that is genuinely in line with your budget and your business.

We also help you manage your employee benefits and health policy as they relate to absenteeism, lost time and prevention. Our Easy@access platform lets your HR team complete management tasks and access key documents in a matter of clicks. A valuable time saving. There is also a version of Easy@access that your employees can use to access all of the contracts you have set up for them and track their health services in detail.


Meet our expert

Emmanuel Larcher

P&C Insurance Manager